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Summer full of advantages

Cable cars Bad Kleinkirchheim  Panorama map and price list

Let yourself be carried away in a scenic world of mountains. Float away with the gondola to the chests around. Flights up to 2.100 meters over the sea level - in the heart of the Nationalpark Nockberge or to the Kaiserburg. Starting point for adventurous trips on the alps in an imposing panorama. Take a cool breeze instad of heat. A source of wellbeing for the circulation and the health, because allergies remain in they valley!
And after the jump in the air you are welcome to relaxe at the Thermal-Römerbad
or in the Thermal Spa St. Kathrein.


 Speik walks throughout the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains

On selected hiking trails you can enjoy the fresh and aromatic scent of the Speik plant. The plant’s smell is particularly intense in July and August. With its tart and pungent aroma, the Speik plant is considered to be both stimulating and harmonising at the same time. A long hike through the pleasant and aromatic Nockberge Mountains will simultaneously rejuvenate and soothe you.

ALPE ADRIA TRAIL   Hiking in the Garden of Eden



 STAGE NO. 17: BAD KLEINKIRCHHEIM - ARRIACH  Download available here

Mountain Bike Tours in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Mountain bikers do not balk at nature’s uneven ground, or at riding over roots and debris. They are always searching for the next cycling adventure and adrenaline rush.
The trails have not been created artificially, but lead along natural tracks. Top Pleasure Cycling and eBiking Tours

 Rossalmhüttentrail und alter Almweg


Gasthof Pension - Alt Kirchheim

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